I heartly welcome you to the hompage of the community Kollnburg. Regardless of why you are visiting us – as a guest or a citizen – I can promise you an interesting and informative sojourn on our pages. Certainly, you can learn a lot new about our wonderful village.

Kollnburg, which is idyllically lying in the Bavarian Forest, and its extensively surrounding region have a lot to offer. Besides the diverse cultural life and lively associational activity, our community combines historical consciousness with a modern development.

Obtain an overview of the community, its institutions, its administration, as well as its associations and cultural events.  We also introduce you to the regarding contact for your matters.

This webpage shall be an informative cornucopia for our foreign visitors, as well as for our interested parishioners. Please use this opportunity and regularly make use of our offers.

I hope you will enjoy our new homepage, and encourage you to let us know, if you have any suggestions for improvement.

Sincerely yours
Herbert Preuß
Mayor of Kollnburg

Community of Kollnburg
Schulstraße 1
94262 Kollnburg
Phone: 0049 (99 42) 94 12 – 0
Telefax: 0049 (99 42) 94 12 – 44

More information

General Information
With our internet portal “Virtual Town Hall” you can reach our citizens’ office around the clock, 356 day per year.

You can reduce your administrative procedures and inform yourself about the most important procedures in advance.

Our community staff, as a modern service institution, will be glad to help you with your questions and problems and look forward to your visit to help you on the spot.

District Council
We see ourselves as an information centre for all citizens and as a focal point for education, culture & sports, advisor for questions and much more.

Furthermore the communication with the mayor, the council and the public are one of the most important areas in our municipality.

On the following pages we would like to introduce our team and our tasks within the municipality.

Contact & opening hours
Our staff of the district council endeavours to design the local authority as customer friendly as possible and looks forward to offering an all-round service to you.

Adress Community of Kollnburg
Schulstraße 1
94262 Kollnburg
Phone 0049 (99 42) 94 12 0
Fax 0049 (99 42) 94 12 99
Email info@kollnburg.de
Opening hours Monday – Thursday
08.15 p.m. – 11.45 p.m.
13.45 p.m. – 16.00 p.m.Wednesday
08:15 p.m. – 11.45 p.m.Friday
08.15 p.m. – 12.00 p.m.By request – or by appointment
General Information
A municipality as Kollnburg has responsibilities which it must fulfil, and targets that it aspires to accomplish.

In addition to the targets that Bavaria and the state of Germany require us to fulfil by la, our greatest endeavour is the service to our citizens. By this we mean the transmission of information, extensive consultation, and friendly assistance for the people of Kollnburg. Therefore the administration of the community, as well as the creation of a liveable community, is the center of our actions.

The community Kollnburg would like to activate in the fields of culture, tourism, economy and community, meaning that it wants to promote the cooperation of the different fields through various actions, events and projects.
Our beautiful community should continue to develop itself from the inside out, taking into account the historically grown structures, cultural traditions and the progressive future.

The ultimate goal therefore is to establish the best possible coordination between the fields of tourism, trade, commerce, services, agriculture, culture, sports and district council as well as the bundling of budgetary and human resources to carry out affiliated activities with the highest possible efficiency, to optimally position our community.

We have already undertaken the first steps into this direction. With the formation of working groups for the areas of family, youth, seniors, disabled and city spokesmen we have started a citizen-oriented project.

Moreover, the continuous work of the people of Kollnburger within the community marketing does not only show in the stimulation of the liveliness of the city, but also pays off in the urban construction field: As a community with more than 600 residents, Kollnburg ranked no. 1 in September 2008 at the 23rd national competition “Our village has a future – Our village is beautiful”
We would also like to stimulate the sustainable development of the community through planned projects with the support of our citizens.

Crucial to the positive development of our community is the symbiotic relationship between us, the community and you, the citizenry.

Let us cooperate to jointly develop and organize – for a beautiful, liveable home
– our castle-village Kollnburg!

illage renewal
The 18-year-lasting village renewal of the Kollnburger village center was successfully completed in October 2008.

It began with the construction of 37 parking spaces between the kindergarten and Genobank as well as with the establishment of two village encircling hiking trails, the parish garden and the castle stable path.

In addition, numerous roads were redeveloped.
The first street renovation was the expansion of the Viechtach Street, which directly led along the cemetery wall. The people previously had to cross the road in order to water the flowers at the cemetery. Even the cemetery entrance was improved. A sidewalk and a parking lot for the cemetery visitors were created.

These projects were followed by the reconstruction of the Markstallerstraße, Burgstraße, Schulstraße, Bergweg, the village square, the church surroundings and the Kirchenweg. In the course of these street renovations the ailing water pipeline in the village was also renewed. In addition to all these measures numerous plants were placed throughout the village, upgrading Kollnburg visually.

With the help of the village renewal the schoolyard playground was also created more appealingly.

A major project was the expansion of the “South Entrance” to Kollnburg in 2007, which could be launched after lengthy discussions with residents and authorities and was completed in May 2008. To calm down the traffic the traffic control system of “right before left” was introduced.


This year the fairground at the new playground will get a new entrance path and will be regravelled.
Moreover, the restoration of the exterior façade of the primary school Kollnburg and the town hall square will be started.

Construction sites
Residential building sites

Top building plots in Kollnburg – Realize your dream of a house in the countryside!
We offer you the right building plots.

High living value by beautiful quality building plots – the benefits are obvious:

  • beautiful properties in different sizes and locations
  • no impersonal terraced houses, but free-standing houses
  • natural and quiet surroundings with a large recreation and living value
  • no traffic noise
  • view on magnificent landscapes
  • variable building plans for your individual needs

Living in nature – at short distance into the city and recreational activities in front of your own house

  • daily care (supermarkets, shopping) is ensured through the neighbouring city Viechtach (5 km) with hospital and a large-volume appearance of physicians
  • centrally located to the shopping cities of Straubing, Deggendorf, Cham, Regensburg, etc.
  • quick links to the motorway A3
  • Variety of clubs, festivals (home festival) and sports events
  • Carnival balls and the traditional carnival parade

Living in the community with a heart for children

  • centrally located primary school with “lively” teaching (excursions, hiking, computer-club, participation in competitions, etc.) and sport field
  • modern, active Nursery-school with a toddler group (2 years and older)(see also Nursery-school)
  • all-day care for infants facility in the district Kirchaitnach
  • large, diversified playground in the village center
  • Child and youth divisions in many clubs
  • special holiday program for children and adolescents
  • Parent school (Organizer: Nursery-school)
Life in KollnburgKollnburg is a community with vision & history, traditions & customs, rural charm & open-minded people – and that is precisely what makes Kollnburg in the Bavarian Forest that lovable!Total Population: 3 049(also see “Facts & Figures”)Right now, around 3 000 citizens live in Kollnburg, Allersdorf, Kirchaitnach, and Rechertsried on beautiful spots of the Bavarian forest.Living where others go on vacation – A historic castle instead of castles-beds, sleepy nooks, idyllic places, green forests, stunning views, tranquil & homely atmosphere – this is our romantic castle village Kollnburg.Going through encyclopedia RegioWiki for Niederbayern and Altötting
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