Nature Trail

The nature study trail “Kollnburger Pröllersteig,” begins at the foot of the Pröller in Hinterviechtach. (Crossing “Pröller – ski and hiking area” at the state street Viechtach – St. Englmar).

The logo “woodworm” guides you on the approximately 3.5-mile circular walk to various stations, which inform you about the history and transformation of nature and environment in the Bavarian Forest through the last centuries. Especially in the walking area “Pröllersteig” you can still find many rare plant species and old landscape structures. The sign “Nature-near forestry” and “The importance of forests as water storages” illustrate the various functions of forests. The interest of the children in nature is encouraged by various objects, which were made and donated by local city clubs. There is an opportunity for recreation at the idyllically located “Lauschecke”.

After a walk of about 2 hours, the last stop “Panoramatafel” is reached. It offers a magnificent view on the Bavarian Forest peaks, that are displayed accordingly on the signs. For hikers, who want to investigate the Pröller-walking area further, there is a connecting trail to the Pröller peak (1048 m) and to St Englmar. The accompanying information leaflet is available in the nearby tourist information centres, and at the lodge “Zum Pröller “.