Legends and Myths

Kollnburg is described as a castle in vernacular. The Knights’ headquarters, was indeed a castle, as the name rightly suggests. The castle had a house, a stone paved courtyard with imposing castle walls and a drawbridge. Within the circular walls there were deep draw-wells, with a roller, long chain and bucket. Some neighbouring buildings such as the ladies´ home, were located there. In the courtyard there were the huts for the Schweiß- and other hunting dogs, which were released in the evenings, after the bridge was lifted. High up on the tower was the tower warder, who immediately blew his horn to indicate if travellers approached the castle.

Kollnburg was a real knight’s castle. The Knights went into the feuds and often did not come back. The valuables and the money were often buried or walled in. If a knight wanted to show his wealth, he let coins get mixed the mortar. According to legends there should still be at least three hidden treasures in Kollnburg: Firstly the well-known but not yet found treasure of the Knight Hans Leiminger from the year 1400. Secondly, the treasure of the headless woman. She was a palace woman, who was persecuted by the Swedish up high to the “Black Kuchl”. Because she refused to reveal the hidden money and valuables, she was beheaded by her pursuers. The treasure remained hidden.
Until the age of our grandfathers, a beheaded woman was said to descend the so-called “Black Kuchl ” to guard the treasure. And thirdly, the treasure of Mr. Orth, an Austrian supreme, who lived a solitary life with his housekeeper in Kollnburg. When he was called to war he hid his treasure in Kollnburg and then fell in a battle. His faithful servant waited until her death for her master. She could not believe that he had died for a log time. She alone knew the location of the treasure and kept this secret until her death. She died alone in the castle. They found her lifeless, with a prayer book in hand, showing a note on the last clean sheet that she was watching over the treasure of her master, until he would come home. If we believe the legend of the natives, the buried treasures will temporarily be revealed, and sun themselves, or they show up as pile of embers in the night, as shard of glass by day, fir cones, cereal grains or snake heaps, and only those who know the right devices, such as throwing something consecrated on the disguised treasure, may receive it.

Stories and tales about the near home are still quite alive in the Bavarian Forest. There are countless legends and stories of apparitions of the incarnate with his “Geißfuß”, of inexplicable behaviour and black, huge dogs, of exorcisms and strolling women, brownies, and all sorts of dubious characters … Enjoy your visit in our castle village and become enchanted by the stories about our home. And who knows? Maybe the legendary treasure will be revealed to you… Articles, stories and some pictures were taken from the book “Kollnburg – Through the Ages” by Michael Köppl. The book can be rented from the Tourist Info Kollnburg agency.