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Motorcycle Collection

A particular interesting target sight in our village is the private “Motorcycle Museum” by Willi Schmid, known as “Za Willi”between locals, in the Sedlhofer street. He lovingly restored everything connected to vintage cars and has gathered an amazing private motorcycle collection. Continue reading

Castle tower and castle well

The castle tower (11 m) and the castle well (17.5 m) are the landmarks of Kollnburg. The castle was built in the middle of the 12th century to protect the treasure of the “Grafen von Bogen” who dominated the whole middle Mid-Bavarian Forest throughout the 13th Century. Continue reading

Churches and chapels

There are four churches in Kollnburg. The parish of Holy Trinity, the parish church “St. Magdalena” in Kirchaitnach, the church branch in Allersdorf and the church branch “Heart of Jesus” in Ayrhof. Continue reading

Meditation way in the parish garden

At the suggestion of our village priest Josef Renner, we have created a meditation path with beautiful glass panels through the parish garden and around the parish yard. The impressive glass panels are made by glass artists in the glassworks Weinfurtner. Continue reading

Natural monument old oak in Kirchaitnach

Natural monument old oak in KirchaitnachThe small village Kirchaitnach is characterized by an unusual village picture. Crucial for this is the completely free-standing village church in brick construction, as well as remotely lying cemetery.  Continue reading

Nature Trail

The nature study trail “Kollnburger Pröllersteig,” begins at the foot of the Pröller in Hinterviechtach. (Crossing “Pröller – ski and hiking area” at the state street Viechtach – St. Englmar).

Continue reading

The farmer monument in Baierweg

One of the most unusual sights in the Bavarian Forest from 1869. A monumental stone memorial at a historic place, with wonderful panoramic views. Accourding to the tradition, Georg Biel Maier erected the monument with his servants and with the participation of the Kollnburg painter Johann B. Reisbacher to ease his guilty conscience, caused by a fraud to his deceased brother and his wife. Continue reading

Wild romantic garden under the castle

Right in the middle of the castle village Kollnburg, the enchanting, garden of the Zankl family with approximately 1700 square meters cuddles up to the southern side of the castle. Several terraces with planted shrubs and stone walls are divided into different areas such as the berry garden, fruit-tree park and wild shrubs hedge. Continue reading

Pröller (1,048 m)

With 1048 m the Pröller is the highest mountain in Kollnburg. Surely, the peak of Pröller belongs to the neighbouring community, but more than 2 / 3 of the north side of the Pröller is lying within the municipality Kollnburg. Continue reading